Depression and its Effects

I think my depression began when I was molested at 4 years old. That was the first time I thought of suicide as a way to end the pain. My dad was scary when he was mad. I thought if I told mom or, him about what had happened he would kill that man. My beloved daddy would go to prison. Myself being in pain was much better than living without my daddy My mama hated me and was mean to me when he was at work. My older sister was the queen bee. Her clothes came from the best shops and had to be dry cleaned. On the other hand, mine came from thrift shops or, were her hand me downs. She had her own mental issues. I loved her very much and, feel sadness that in her time they could not help her.  We are still in baby steps when it comes to mental health. There are many myths out there to this day. We need more honest talk about it.

It is like  a sneaky fog that slowly takes over your thoughts and life. On moment you are fine, then something dark and cold comes,  into your head. You feel out-of-place and stupid suddenly. You are standing alone with no one to talk to, and you think ,I wish I was dead. That is the answer that runs through your head when you reach the bottom.

Many times that would be my go to answer when I hit the bottom. At 16 I married because, he tricked me into playing like the husband I wanted. I would tell my husband over 18 years that I needed professional help. I thought I had escaped constant insults at home. But I was wrong, he changed the day after we married and came home from our honeymoon.

I could not do any thing right: dress,hair, clothes, makeup, cooking, cleaning and playing cards. Everyday a part of me ran away in my head. Then the depression would come. I did not want to get out of bed at the worse times. Going to talk to 3 different professions over the years. Being sent by my request to our hospital psychology floor. They were not good but, I survived thinking about trying suicide.

The doctors decided I had what is known as winter depression due to lack of sunshine. It does get worse in the winter but I deal with it daily. Only those of us that battle depression understands what it is like.