Flower Child of the Sixties

                            Where are you today the child of endless love?

                            Have the  years driven you down?

                            Or did you just fly away on the mist of a lost dream?

                            The love you offered so freely was mocked.

                             So cruelly  like the One we followed.

                             All the hope and peace you offered the world  was dragged down and stomped.

                              Instead of love they preferred hate and spite.

                             Instead of growth they preferred to tear down for progress.

                            Instead of sharing they preferred greediness. 

                           Some of us do remember but, our numbers are thinning.

                           Yes, they are winning the battle.

                            If only they knew they lost the war.

                            And their trophy  is a planet that they have destroyed.           


Written 1991







                                Trees are symbolic of God

                                 The tree is strong and growing

                                 Like  his love for us.

                                The leaves are like us

                                Young in the spring

                                Full of growth in the summer

                                 Changing colors in the fall as we change with His loving hands

                                  Dying in the winter

                                  Only to be reborn with his touch in the spring

                                   The tree will always be there waiting for the leaves

                                  The winds of life may toss the leaves about

                                  But if the leaves are firmly rooted to the tree they need not fear the winds

                                  Instead the winds can be a reminder of His love and grace

                                 Because He will hold us tighter to Him

written in1994